Project Concept and Creative Direction

Chris Milk and Aaron Koblin

Google Data Arts Team

Creative Director - Aaron Koblin
Engineer - Doug Fritz
Designer/Developer - George Michael Brower
Designer/Developer - Jono Brandel
Designer/Developer - Ray McClure
Developer - Mr.doob
Executive Producer - Valdean Klump
Producer - Sabah Ahmed Kosoy
Marketing Manager - Jenny Ramaswamy

Radical Media

Creative Director - Chris Milk
Executive Producers - Jon Kamen, Jennifer Heath

Tate Media

Creative Director - Jane Burton
Digital Production Coordinator - Alexey Moskvin
Assistant Producer - Lucy Dow
Video Producer - Nick Walters
Interpretation curators - Gillian Wilson, Minnie Scott

Punk & Butler (Design and Video Production)

Design & Art Direction:
Design Director - Ben Tricklebank
Producer - Kim Zaninovich
UX Design - Amy Mew

Introductory Video:
Director - Ben Tricklebank
Producer - Jennifer Howd
Animation - Justin Young / This Is His
Animation - Dusty Pierce
Animation - Smadar Galor
Illustration - Alex Eben Meyer
Storyboard Artists - Jonathan Cannon
Music - Steph Altman / Mophonics

DinahMoe (Music Engine)

Creative Director - Johan Belin
Technical Director - Oskar Eriksson
Music Editor - Erik Lindell
Music Editor - Christoffer Johansson
Music Producer - Axel Bellinder/Sergeant Tom

Ab Rogers Design (Museum Installation)

Creative Director - Ab Rogers
Design Director - Yosuke Watanaba
Lead Designer - Tom Housden
Designer - Rosann Ling
Designer - Ayna Azhigali

Harmonic Kinetic (Museum Interactive Design)

Interaction Designer - Dominic Robson
Interaction Designer / Developer - Mark Hauenstein

GRAiNEY PICTURES (“Making of” Video Production)

LA Crew:
Director - Megan Raney-Aarons
Director - Colin Gray
Producer - Carrie Kangro
Client Services Director - David Warren
Director of Photography - Marcin Nadolny
Editor - Tayler Braasch
Editor - Becky Hutner

London Crew:
Field Producer - Zena Birch
Director of Photography - James Boyes
Sound - Wes Tastard


Thanks to Wacom Europe and Wacom Americas for donating Cintiq 24 tablets for users to contribute with for the duration of the installation in Tate Modern.


Thanks to the Mirada team and Mathew Cullen who helped test the site and create early content for the site.


Thanks to Film4.0 for engaging their filmmaker community and helping grow the seeds of our initial trees.

Commissioning Executive - Anna Higgs
Project Assistant – Jessica Cobham-Dineen
Project Producer – Gavin Humphries, Quark Films

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Special Thanks

Andy Berndt
Michael Chang
Matt Mohebbi
Andrew Brennan
Claudine Beaumont
Malgosia Rogoli
Jason Friedenfelds
Jennifer Choy
Bill Echikson
Helen Tsao
Shiv Sankar
Alene Latimere
Leslie Liu
John Flippen
Dahni Ma
Joanne Feola
Peps Scialacomo
Amy Brown
Megan Peyton
Sue Rae
Christina Chiou
Tom Bridgwater
Gavan Kwan
Beki Gard
Julie Cohen
Ty Storm

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